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 You have reached Ansem, but I am likely to not answer your call. If you have an important message, leave it. If not, then do not call me again.
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[He had been imprisoned many time before. He had been trapped in the form of a human and took the necessary steps to free his heart of the boundaries and limitations of a slowly--or was it rapidly?--decaying body. He had then started as human-shaped Heartless and then decayed from there into a shadow of his former glory--so weak he could barely manage to move freely between worlds, and was drained simply by talking. After that, he found himself imprisoned in a boy's heart, and finally, after escaping that prison, trapped once more within darkness. And now, he finds himself trapped within this world of Luceti, wings connected to his back that feel quite awkward given the composition of his own body. And no known escape. That in itself is an exhausting idea, and had he not been rendered weak by lack of a proper meal he would still feel rather tired just from all of this information and being trapped. So he doesn't even bother showing himself when he makes his grand entrance.]

It would seem that Fate is indeed a cruel mistress. From one prison to another, brought here to be naught more then some plaything for experimentation.

[It's not very fun, after all, when the scientist is on the other end of the microscope.]

All worlds begin in darkness and all so end. That is the one truth that matters. All else means little in the grand scheme of things. There are many worlds, but all of them will eventually return to the darkness whence they came.

[...And that's really all he has the energy to say for his introduction. Though some of the people here will easily recognize it.]
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[Ansem. Is not. Happy.]

Whoever it is that signed me up on that wretched blind date had best come forward. I do not tolerate such actions.
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Ansem's Inbox
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[Bad username or site: One who knows nothing can understand nothing @]PLAYER

LJ USERNAME: [ profile] higenshi
AIM/MSN: CrazyPhoenixGirl,


NAME: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (Xehanort’s Heartless)
SERIES: Kingdom Hearts
TIMELINE: After Hollow Bastion, but before Sora arrives at End of the World
BACKGROUND: Wiki link!
ABILITIES: Unrestricted, he can summon endless amounts of Heartless, fire off whirling blades, teleport and send his Guardian to attack with blasts of darkness. His Guardian can move in front of him and he can charge his enemies. He rarely uses an overall weapon, but is shown wielding a dual-edged Soul Eater in his World of Chaos form.

Restricted as he would be, he will only be able to summon small amount of low level Heartless and call his Guardian to defend him.
Ansem is essentially the King of the Heartless. He is cruel and cold, no semblance of light within his hollow shell. He is charismatic, and can play the friendly helper quite well. However, he truly cares very little for anyone besides himself. Humans are either tools to be used, or simply to be devoured by the Heartless.

He is blinded by his own obsession with darkness—something all Heartless experience. His obsession also extends to power and knowledge, and he even once claims to “know all that there is to know.” Ansem looks down on ignorance, stating that “one who knows nothing can understand nothing” and berating Sora when he arrives in End of the World. Nonetheless, he is actually quite brilliant. He had been a scientist previously, after all.

He speaks in a rather cold tone, one that only changes when he has managed to triumph or he’s beating his enemies down verbally. Ansem also completely embraces the darkness, possibly why he’s kept his human intelligence and close to his original personality. He is not afraid to dirty his own hands, and managed to manipulate Riku for a majority of the first game—through Maleficent and by his own words. He takes delight in breaking people down and watching them mentally collapse.


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